Angels and demons battling in my head,
‘Round and ’round and ’round they tread.
Tears falling down upon my face,
Lost and alone; can’t find my place.

Bitterness and rage they are my friends.
Cold and alone, is this the end?
Pushing and pulling, to the next day.
Coming to a crossroads and I don’t know the way.

Looking at you, I guess I was blind.
I walked with you; didn’t think you’d mind.
Looking for my place; thought it was with you.
Never realized that you were searching too.

Cold within and hard outside,
Can’t believe it was all just a lie.
Puzzle pieces that just don’t fit.
Can you believe that this is it?

Where’s the God I hear so much about?
False answers and growing doubts.
Confusion leads the mounting war,
Angels down; demons score.

My heart grows cold; words meant to burn,
Bring me to my knees and make me learn.
Open my eyes and make me see,
Show me to the place I’m supposed to be.