I’m really new to this blogging concept. So new, in fact, that I forget to actually do it!
The lack of my blogging activities has brought me to the conclusion that I must get better at this. I must find ways to blog more. I mean, it isn’t that I don’t think about it doing it, I do. I think about it often. Like while getting ready for work, or driving to and from work.  And I’ve even had thoughts about it when I’m waiting in line at the drive thru.
Of course, I can’t really do much about it during those times because I don’t have access to my computer. So my glorious blogging ideas are soon adrift in the voids of my mind, abandoned for something pretty or shiny that has caught my eye.
If you are a writer too, I’m sure you’ve tread this path as well. We’ve all frantically sought an instrument to record that lightening bolt of creativity sent unexpectedly by our muse. I’m sure you probably have a gadget or two that you take with you everywhere. I know a few people who have nifty smartphones that offer the luxury of quick recordings or texting.  I have a cell phone but it’s not one of those spiffy ones. It texts but only 160 characters and I have heavy traffic on my way to and from work.  By the time I get once sentence typed out, the light has turned green and people are blaring their horns for me to go. I thought about using my iPad, but that experience turned out just as bad.  An iPad is great for lunch breaks or hotel stays, but my muse tends to influence me most while I drive.
My solution came to me thanks to my husband. He needed a recorder for a class he was taking, so off we went to the store. While we  were standing there scoping out various digital recorders, picking up this one, reading the features of that one, it hit me: I can use this gadget too! My eyes got that dreamy, far away look and I grinned like a fool!
Gone will be the days of thinking aloud to myself, praying that I would remember that really great plot twist. Never again would I  effortlessly blurt out wonderful paragraphs only to forget how I said it. No more frantically searching at stop lights for that pen to scribble things down in my little notebook. I would finally be able to record these things and play them back for myself later. I would be able to work on my writing and blogging during my down times. All I could think of was: sweet!
This little recorder can fit right in my pocket. I don’t have to look at what letter to push. I don’t have to take my eyes off the road. All I have to do is speak! Anyone who knows me well enough can vouch that I can definitely master that task! One button and I can tell it my stories, my plot twists, the dialogue of my characters. I can use it to rant and muse for a blog. This made my day!
Now if I can just sneak it away from my husband…