For the last few days I’ve toyed with several ideas for my next blog.  Nothing I have come up with so far has given me that tingling sensation that lets me know I’m on to something good.  I know the reason behind my brain’s decision to shut away my muse in the far corner of my mind, but regardless of that, I can usually I can manage to coax her back out.  Today though, it has been harder than usual.  So I chose to play on Twitter for a bit and see if any thing there triggered some inspiration.  As usual, it didn’t let me down.

Earlier today there was a tweet by someone who said that they had woken up to a bad review, but that she was still writing.  She wasn’t going to let it get to her.  We writers must deal with critiques and reviews of our work constantly.  We know that there are people out there that just don’t like our work.  There will be bad reviews and there will be good reviews.  But we keep going, and we shake it off.  Sometimes though, no matter how hard we try, that negativity can get to us.  I think this was where that author was when she made that comment.  She was struggling to stay positive and on track.  She started receiving replies from those who love her work and she also got a reply from another author providing her with a touch of encouragement and support.  After they tweeted a few times, she decided to go pick up his book.  He helped her, and she helped him by supporting his writing.  (I don’t want to downplay this book, because I’ve read the excerpts and they were great! I am planning on getting the book myself.)

It made me smile that he reached out to her and provided that bit of support and encouragement, and she did the same in return.  In so many industries, people make jabs and negative comments about others to make themselves look good.  Or they use other people as stepping-stones to get where they want, then toss that person aside due to their egos thinking they are no longer valuable.  I know there are always a few bad seeds out there.  I had a bad experience with an author myself.  They liked to paint others in poor shades so that they stood out in the crowd.  However, for the most part I don’t witness these actions very often.

The writers and authors that I have connected with through Twitter offer knowledge and advice with no strings attached.  There’s a sense of camaraderie and understanding that amazes me.  These people know that success does not come at the expense of others but rather it is due to their own skills and abilities.  They earn their success through hard work, long hours grueling over chapters, revisions and editing.  Even through the wee hours of the night, they will offer up positive comments, encouragement and support for fellow writers.  Its moving and inspiring to meet and connect with people like this.

I’ve learned more in the last few months about the industry and the art of writing because these people have chosen to share their knowledge.  It’s not about the random looks into people’s lives, okay, well maybe, it is the random looks, but Twitter has provided something much more valuable to me. It has shown me how wonderful the writing community is and I’m proud to a part of it!