Day one was easier than expected.

I was fully prepared to battle myself over getting up this morning.  I had even prepped my husband with all the things he could say and do to drag me out of my slumber.  Just so you know, I love to sleep and I’ve been known to get kind of cranky when I get woken up.  Surprisingly though, when hubby offered up a chipper “Morning Sweetie” at 5:43 a.m., I cracked open one eye and smiled. I was actually looking forward to this exercise thing.

I followed some advice offered to me about starting off slow then working up to a harder regime. I did some brisk walking on the treadmill and then rode the stationary bike for a few miles as well. I had forgotten how good it felt to get my blood pumping like that. It put me in a better mood and the slight headache I’ve been waking with each morning disappeared too. Nothing better than starting a day like that!

There is one thing I’ve decided not do to during this process. I’m not going to measure my success by watching the weight scale.  I know the weight will start falling away the more engaged I become with my routine. But my success here will be creating a good habit and making it a consistent part of my life. The weight loss, better health, good moods, and stress relief are all the extra benefits I’ll get out of this. Oh, and of course it gives me a wonderful excuse to go clothes shopping too!

I won’t bore you with daily details, but I’ll update you occasionally on my progress and let you know what challenges I face and what I do to overcome them. Most important, thank you to all that offered up words of wisdom and encouragement for my quest. It is very much appreciated!