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I’m so excited. I finally get to focus completely on my writing. Needless to say, I want to start it now.  Like, right now. No, not next week and not Dec 2 which is my last day at work.
Nope. I want to do it now. But I can’t because I still have some obligations and responsibilities to take care of first which means I have to wait.

The very impatient part of me (which is about 80% of my true self – oh fine – 90%) rolls my eyes and gives that disgusted sigh followed by a pout. But then I realize that there are things I can do now that will help me set off on the right foot. Things like organizing and scheduling my time appropriately.

Since I will be getting back about 11 hours of my day that I used to spend commuting and working, I will want to utilize that time in the most efficient way possible. The problem with this is that I’m easy distracted. Seriously, that whole “oh look – shiny” really does describe me. (Don’t laugh, you know you do it too!)

So after I watched some Vampire Diaries, listened to a few songs, surfed the net,  petted the kitties, and put off doing the dishes, I finally I came up with a fantastic new schedule for posting on my site that will allow me to work on all my projects and still have time to play.  Of course, the changes won’t happen until after Thanksgiving. I figure everyone is busy during the holidays with family and friends, and of course, turkey. But I wanted to share with you what’s ahead.

Starting off the week will be Magical Mondays. My muse will be conjuring up some flash fiction and short stories, usually with a hint of supernatural or paranormal. Whatever Wednesdays will be about, well, whatever. It’s a day that I can write about anything that strikes my fancy, or yours. Rounding off the week will be Friendly Friday guest posts. I’ve invited several great writers to share some of their blogs with me on this day. Besides, what a better way to start off your weekend than with friends?

There are so many possibilities of what may come with these new changes in life that they may even keep me from getting distracted. Huh, the things that trend on Twitter these days… Oh, um, where was I?

So tell me have you made any exciting changes in your life lately? And if so, what did you do to prepare for them?