Today is the very first check-in for Round 1 of ROW80 and I’m happy to report that I am right on schedule. Admittedly, its only been two days but hey, I’ll take it.

So far, I’ve walked my half mile twice this week and it feels great getting that exercise. My puppy, Jake, is quite happy with this goal too. He loves to go for walks and it wears his little, energetic butt out so I can get some peace and quiet during the day – bonus!

I’ve completed my daily word count goal each day and I’ve been working on the outline as well. I’m excited about this because I’m a pantser at heart so doing one has been a nightmare for me. But I’m reading Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell and I will swear by this book. I have had so many “AH HA” moments and I’m no where close to the end. It has been a tremendous help. I highly recommend it, especially to those new to the writing scene.

I’ve read several blogs each day and commented on them all. I’ve also been trying to promote other writers as much as possible. I’ve found I really enjoy helping others like that. Its fun and I like spreading the word about good writing. So don’t be shocked if you see your name pop up in an FB post or tweet, it’s just me doing my thing.

I’ve cut back my lurking time on the social media sites and I’m trying to interact more with peeps on Twitter. This is so hard. I love lurking and reading tweets and FB posts. (Wow, that really made me sound like a social media stalker, didn’t it? I’m not one, I promise!) But I have seen a difference even in the last couple of days as I’m gaining new followers and meeting fun new friends to boot.

This week I’ve found two things I am grateful for so far. The first is that I have electricity and therefore able to keep warm. It doesn’t get cold often in Florida but the last couple of nights have felt like the North Pole. I am very thankful for the ability to keep the frostbite away.

The second thing I am grateful for is SKYPE. Using this I am able to keep up with my daughter who lives in Japan. I get to talk to her daily and watch my beautiful granddaughter grow up. It may not be as good as seeing them in person but its pretty darn great in my book, especially since my granddaughter took her first steps today.

Overall, the last couple of days has been good. I’m progressing in the right direction on all my goals, my puppy is zonked, and my granddaughter will be terrorizing my daughter’s home very soon. I’d say its been well worth joining ROW80 thus far.