I met with a few challenges the last couple of weeks and though I didn’t do as well as I would’ve liked in some areas, I exceeded in others.

The week before last, I had a few rough days in dealing with my depression. I expected that to happen. The road to recovery isn’t easy, but then again life’s road in general isn’t all that smooth either. There’s good days and bad days. But the main point is that I pushed through and I am starting to have more good days.

That being said, my writing took a severe hit that week. I didn’t even check in and I know I should have. One thing I’m doing to help is that I’m only going check-in on Sundays. Twice a week is just a bit much for me, right now. And “right now” is what I’m focusing on. No use beating myself up for not meeting previous goals when I can use that time to forge ahead.

The upside to my bad week was it gave my creative brain time to mull over some ideas. I started work on another project that I’m really excited about: Kennan’s Diary. If you get a moment, pop over to see that one and let me know what you think.

That project lead to me exceeding my daily writing goals this past week. WOOT! But I haven’t done so well with my other goals. I have promoted others, and I have read and visited blogs (so at least I’m contributing to traffic numbers). But I’ve been a little slack in leaving comments. There are days that I just like to absorb what I’m reading and be a lurker. Other days, I want the world to know I’m there. So I figured on those days, I’ll just need to comment on more posts to make up for my lurking days. 😉

I’m taking a short break from working on Retribution. I ran into a few snags with the plot that I’m still trying to work out. I did finish chapter two on that one before I started on the new project. So I am half way there in meeting that goal. The outline still needs some work but that’s to be expected. I’m a pantser and for me, outlining is hard. But it’s something I really wanted to try.

The walking has fallen by the wayside. Out of all my goals that is the one that I really need to pick back up. Even if I cut it back some, I know that its important for me get in some exercise throughout the week. So I have to work on that one.

Other than that, things are looking up. I’m excited about the Kennan’s Diary and Retribution which always helps. And I’m determined to keep going. Something, I learned the last couple of weeks is that no matter what path you take, there will always be challenges along the way. Your success isn’t determined by finding the smooth, easy path, but rather by how you make it over the walls and through the ruts on the path you’ve chosen. And right now, I think I’m doing pretty good.

Good luck to all with your ROW80 goals! See ya next Sunday!