In two days, Cupid will be flying around shooting his arrows and harassing the single people. Makes me happy that I’m married and don’t have to succumb to the pressure of finding a date. Also makes me happy that I don’t have to worry about finding the appropriate gift. My husband and I like to make sure that the gifts we give are practical and fun, therefore we do the unthinkable: we ask each other what we want and then we get it. *GASP*

I know, its totally unromantic. There’s no “oohhs” and “ahhhs” with our gift exchanges. There’s no tears of unexpressed anger because I got a dust mop joy. But there’s also no gift returns and best of all, we know we our money was spent wisely. Besides, I like seeing his eyes light up and his smile grow wide when he gets that automotive part he really needed for his mustang restoration. Even though he knew it was coming, my husband is still like a kid at Christmas when the package finally arrives. And to me, making your loved one smile is what its really all about.

Which brings me to my ROW80 check-in. What does ROW80 have to do with the Valentine’s Day and making loved ones smile, you ask? Well, normally I would say they have nothing to do with each other. But that would make for an uninteresting and content-challenged post. Who wants that? So let me explain how I’ve managed to mesh these two seemingly unrelated topics together.

My darling husband remembered me talking a few weeks ago about wanting to take a couple of online writing classes. For this year’s VDay gift, he registered me for them. (He’s wonderful like that.) Those classes just so happened to have started this past Monday which means I’ve been sneaking some learning in between trying to meet my ROW80 goals. (Like how I connected those two? I’m so clever sometimes!) And it also means that some of my goals didn’t quite get met.

I did not meet my daily writing goal this week. I just wasn’t able to write every day. However, I threw over 3000 words down on my WIP this week and posted a blog or two. I’m thinking that I may need to change my daily goal to a weekly goal, or maybe just include a weekly along with it. That way, if I don’t meet one – I might at least meet the other.

Once again there were some amazing posts this week and I had a hard time squeezing in reading them all. But I managed to read majority of them and left my lengthy comments. I felt quite chatty this week so a few of my comments ran long. Hey – does that count towards my daily writing goal? Just kidding! But I may need to cut down on how many blogs I read each day so that I can focus on promoting them better. I think that would be more beneficial the bloggers and provide more time for me to work on my WIP. I mean after all is said and done, the main goal is to get that sucker finished so I can enter the world of revisions. Oh what joy I’m experiencing just thinking about it. (You can really sense my excitement with that last sentence, can’t you?)

Anyways, for the most part though, I managed to nail down all the rest of my goals. Well, minus the walking three times a week. Between the rain and the crazy sunshine-while-its-freaking-cold weather here, I felt keeping myself warm and dry was more soothing for my muse. (You have to admit, that was a pretty good excuse for having just made it up.) But I promise to work harder on getting my exercise in, even when its cold outside. :p

So how did your ROW80 goals go this week and are you ready for the big Vday?