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Whoops! I thought today was Saturday. Not sure why, especially since I’ve read other ROW80 blogs today. You would think it might have clicked in my brain that I needed to post my own update, but I honestly just thought that some of my fellow ROWers were ahead of the game. It wasn’t until Karen McFarland stopped by my blog to check on me and ask where I was, that reality hit me. Doh! Yeah, sometimes it takes a little prodding to get my neurons to fire correctly.

Thanks, Karen!

Without further adieu, let me give you a quick update of my week.

My father-in-law came in to town. This spurred a round of good housecleaning and more family time. But it also meant that I needed to make the most of every opportunity I could get in the writing cave. I was able to write 2500 words on The Unnamed this week. But the rest of my goals kind of fell by the wayside.

I missed posting a blog this week, but I did read posts on other sites. I haven’t commented or promoted others as often as I’d like, and I apologize for that. I will be back to doing both starting tomorrow.

I think I have a good routine down for my social networking, one that won’t interfere with my writing time. I hit Facebook and Twitter first thing in the morning and then again when I’m done for the day. I try to check before I go to bed as well. I’ll admit, I’ve been on Facebook a little more this week as I found out an old friend from back home is in the hospital fighting for her life. There were complications from a C-section and they aren’t sure whether she’s going to pull through. I get my updates through FB since I don’t live in the same state anymore.

I did get a tad bit of exercising in this week. This is in addition to the scrubbing of floors, bathrooms, and kitchen. Don’t be mislead, a really thorough housecleaning done in a deadline of three hours can be an invigorating workout. (That’s how much notice I got that the father-in-law was on the way. Gotta love those spontaneous plans my husband throws at me to keep me on my toes!) I didn’t meet my goal of three times, but some is better than nothing at all.

The highlight of my week was that I created a cover for The Unnamed. I was looking for motivational pictures, you know, something to inspire my visions for this particular WIP. And the more I looked, the more my mind kept seeing book covers. I went with it. And to be honest, it felt really good to do something creative that isn’t in my normal comfort zones. Not to mention, now that I have a cover, I’m completely motivated to finish the WIP.

So all in all, that was my week in a nut shell. Tomorrow is a new day and the beginning of a new week. I’m excited to see what it has in store!

How have things been going onΒ  your end? Any unexpected guests or spontaneous plans throw you a curve ball this week?