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Everyone experiences doubt, especially writers. As my friend and critique partner, Laird Sapir, and I were discussing the misery of those evil thoughts, we decided that someone needed to invent a doubt removal process. I mean, if they can make a weed-killer, why not make a doubt-killer?

Doubts are just like weeds – they dig in deep and ruin a perfectly good landscape, or manuscript. They can’t be pulled or plucked one by one because they’ll only grow back. No, you gotta get the tough stuff, that big canister that you strap on to your back with a long hose to spray those suckers with poison. Yep, that’s right, we need doubt poison. So, being the creative minds that we are, Laird and I came up with a few ideas for doubt-killer products.

Just a few squirts and the doubts disappear!!

How about some sort of brain spray that could eradicate doubts? Its like a nasal spray. All those doubt clogging up your head? Just one squirt and those crappy thoughts are gone! Oh and it comes with an intelligence boosting version, too.

And what about some bubble gum with brain spray juice in the middle? Each chew gives another squirt to flush those doubts right out of your system. Available in all the fruity flavors!

Better yet, body wash and a brain exfoliant that sucks the stupidity straight from the pores. Now you too can clean off all those doubts and wash away stupidity with just one shower!

We had a great time coming up with these off the wall ideas. It gave us a quick break from working on our WIPs and let us use our creativity in a fun way.Ā  Laughter is a great way to reduce stress and alleviate some of those doubts.

Do you have a fun invention you’d like to see created? Or any silly ideas or promotional campaigns that just make you giggle?