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This week has been rough so this update will be short and sweet.
The “ick” came to visit my household this week. It started with my husband, showering him with fever and chills, coughing and congestion. And being the great, loving spouse that he is, hubby decided to share his experience with me. Normally I’d be thrilled with his generosity, but I’ve learned there are just somethings we don’t need to share. This would be one of them. But I didn’t get that lesson in time, so I am now in the throes of a lovely head and chest cold. Oh joy.

Needless to say, I’ve not met many goals. But I did read several great blogs and helped promote others. I joined Triberr this week and it has introduced me to more great content and ability to help promote others in a more efficient manner. If you haven’t already joined, I would say it’s definitely worth looking into.

I knocked out about 1800 words early in the week, but that was all I could muster. I did have a couple of ideas for new WIPs. I’ve written those down to mull over later. Other than that, I’ve drunk a lot of orange juice and water this week. And I’ve laid on the couch with my husband and watch several episodes of Supernatural. We can call that research, right?

Even though I will be victorious in battling the “ick,” I just hope that I conquer it in time to end ROW80 with a bang. But enough about me, how are you doing? Have you been able to meet your goals for round one yet?