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I’ve always had a vivid imagination. I have no problems conjuring explicit scenarios for the noises I hear coming from outside late in the night, or new theories for some of the mystery and cop shows my husband and I watch.
So, it comes as no shock that my dreams are pretty vivid at times, too.

But what never ceases to amaze me is the dreams I have when I’m taking medication. What is it about cold medication that makes my imagination seep into my dreams and make them go awry? For instance, last night I had two dreams that made absolutely no sense to me at all.

The first was that a big, icky, spider bit my toe. Don’t ask me why in the world it went for my toe, I haven’t the slightest, but the sucker wouldn’t let go. I kept kicking my foot and trying to fling it away but it just held on tight. So finally I plucked it off and it crawled under a book on the table. I kept telling my husband that a spider bit me and he had to treat it, but he wouldn’t believe me until I showed him the very obvious puncture marks in the swollen tip of my toe.

Then to make matters worse, as my husband was looking as said toe, the darn spider flew – (yes flew! This monster had WINGS too!!) across the room and landed on the back of the couch right by where I was sitting. Of course, I screeched and tried to move. But the hubby held my foot and scolded me for moving while he was trying to put antibacterial stuff on my wounds.

My sister, who suddenly appeared out of nowhere to sit beside me on the couch, told me to hold very still because the spider was on my shoulder and crawling down my back. I screamed bloody hell and kept telling her to get it off of me and kill it. But instead, she decided that poking at it with a pen and studying its reactions would be better.

The last thing I recall was having somewhat of a breakdown because I didn’t understand why my big sister (who was supposed to love me and protect me from crap like that) would let a spider stay on me when she knows how petrified I am of them. Much less why she would provoke it while it was on me. I mean it had already bitten me once, was she trying for two times? Jeez.

It was very traumatic for me. Or at least the dream me. The real me woke up in a medicated fog thinking, “Huh.” And then turned over, hacked a few more times and fell back to sleep. This is when dream number two occurred. Don’t fret – this one didn’t have me suffering from post-traumatic stress. It was in fact, quite refreshing in a “I’m in an alternate universe” kind of way.

In dream number two, I was rooming with Dean and Sam from the TV show Supernatural. Yep. It was quite the set-up we had going on. We had just found this great, old house and were moving all of our stuff in. We were picking bedrooms and deciding on who got the shower first. Oh, and lets not forget that we were hunting evil in our spare time. You know, between rearranging furniture and picking out the color of paint for the walls. Literally, this dream had me in Home Depot with Sam and Dean discussing interior decorating.

Yeah. I’m not sure what to think about those dreams. I mean, come on – Sam and Dean? I am positive that my brain could have come up with something much more creative to do with those two hotties than to decorate a house! Let’s not even discuss the sister/spider thing… there are obviously issues there that my dream self needs to work out in therapy or something.

So what about you? Do you have unusual, off-the-wall dreams when you are taking medication? Please share them so I don’t feel completely crazy!