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The first week has now come and gone in my ROW80 challenge. How did I do? Eh, it wasn’t the best week but it wasn’t a complete loss, either.

I didn’t meet my word goal this week. I’m kind of disappointed about this but I know why it happened, at least. I started a chapter and about half way through, I realized it’s not where I wanted it to go. It just didn’t “feel” right. So I’ve been mulling over my notes and my outline trying to figure out what went wrong. Good news is that I think I found what was missing, but it means I need to do some revisions to earlier chapters. And that’s okay with me because I know it will be positive additions to the storyline. Now to sit my butt down and do it – which is the goal for this coming week.

I didn’t meet my walking goals, however, I knew that was going to happen as I was dealing with the aftermath of bronchitis. In order not to relapse, I’m building myself up to meet my goal. It takes time to build a new habit and I have to be vigilant in changing my bad ones to good ones.

Which also includes eating healthier. I’ve done okay with this goal this week. I even made some Mason Jar Salads for the hubby and I. They really do keep well, and its such a wonderful time saver to have them made up and waiting for you.

I did meet all my promotion goals and visited a tons of blogs this week. I think Triberr has helped me tremendously in doing this. It’s a quick and easy way to promote others, plus because I’m part of three tribes, I’m able to read a variety of great content. I love it when I find something to streamline my processes. Makes me a happy camper, ya know.

The best part about this week is that I’ve finally figured out my groove for posting on my blog. I started to do author interviews and decided to make it a series. Its called Behind the Quill. I’m asking a mixture of questions – some about writing and some are more personal – in hopes that it will interest reader/fans as well as other writers. It has been fun so far and I can’t wait to post the next one, which will be Thursday if you’d like to stop by.

That wraps up my week. How about you? Are you part of the ROW80 challenge? If so, how did you do this week? And if not, have you recently set any goals for yourself and how’s your progress on them?