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It still hasn’t set in yet. I’m published. I finally did it. The Unnamed is out there for the world to read and review. ACK!

Reviews! I’m nervous. I haven’t gotten a review yet. Does this mean that no one likes it? Does it mean I suck horribly as a writer?

And then I breathe in a paper bag remind myself that freaking out is part of the job – well for newbie authors anyway. Besides, I know not everyone is going to like my work. And that’s okay. I mean everyone has different tastes and I respect that. It’s what makes writing stories so much fun, each one is unique.

But, if that doesn’t get the doubts outta my head, I ask my daughter’s opinion again. And again. And again. (It’s great to have a built-in cheering section, isn’t it?)

Seriously though, having doubts is normal. I’m still new at this writing gig, and I’m still growing as a writer. I don’t expect to be a best-seller overnight, I still have so much more to learn. But publishing The Unnamed

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has been a great experience and I’m thrilled to have gotten as far as I have.

And now its time to move forward and take my next step. There’s a ton that has to be done. One is that there’s going to be a few minor changes to my website. I’ll be adding a few things, like neat widgets to help promote books written by my WANA pals. There’s also marketing to do and blogs to write.

And most important, I need to finish the novel, HAEDYN. It’s almost there, but not quite yet. That means I need to get my butt in the chair and get typing. So real quick, I’ll say thank you to each and every one of you. You have all enriched my journey and helped me in some way – whether you realized it or not.

Tell me, have you ever done something you were really passionate about? How did you deal with your doubts and your nerves?  And if you’re an author, share your first publishing experience with me. That way I don’t feel all alone in my craziness!