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I’ve been neck-deep in busyness lately and I don’t want to forget anything, so I’ve surrounded myself with lists, lists and more lists. There’s the household list, the writing and marketing lists, and let’s not forget the holiday lists of addresses and gifts. Oh, and the grocery list. Gotta have food for the holidays, right?

But there’s only one list that I’m truly excited about. No it’s not the dessert list! It’s my new mailing list. Now, I get to send out newsletters to all my subscribers offering them specials like letting them see new book covers first, sneak peaks at chapters or characters, updates on new releases, upcoming author interviews on my blog, and even giveaways opportunities. I even created a little graphic for it.

Don’t worry,ย  my author interview series will still be “Behind the Quill with (insert lucky author name here).” But I figured I could carry the theme over to provide you with updates from me as well. The subscription option is to your right, just add your email address. There’s also one on my new Contact page. Oh, and if want to leave me a note, there’s an option for that there, too.

I’m really looking forward to creating fun newsletters and updates for you on my novel, HAEDYN, and other exciting ventures I may find along the way. I may even have a list of those around here somewhere, too.

So tell me, do you make lists to help you keep track of things? Or are you a sticky note lover? Or both?