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I get really cranky when I don’t write. Even more so when I don’t read and I don’t write. So when life recently mixed with holiday chaos, the result kept me from doing either of them. Needless to say, I wasn’t a happy camper. Fortunately, with the passing of the holiday season and the birth of a new year, I was able to indulge in both.

You can imagine the peaceful “ahh” my bookworm soul felt when I finally sat down to read. I settled in on my side of the bed, opened the Kindle app on my iPad, and then had to catch myself from falling on the floor. Where the heck did all of these books come from? There were so many of them just sitting there, waiting for me to escape into their pages. I’m so gonna have to go to Book Lovers Anonymous or something and break this addiction to buying/downloading books.

Anyways, after the shock wore off I decided I needed to seriously downsize this list. Here’s to good intentions and all, but I’m totally a procrastinator. I have this uncontrollable streak that just insists on taking my sweet time to do just about everything. (My mom calls it “stubbornness”, I say I just work better under pressure.) Knowing this about myself, I realized the real challenge was figuring out how I was going to get myself to read all of these in a timely manner. I needed something to help keep me on track.

Then it hit me. (And no it wasn’t my sleeping husband’s arm being flung across my face. He doesn’t fling appendages, he just steals the covers.) Why not write book reviews? I need content for my blog and I need to read these books, so reviews would be a perfect solution. Sweet! No more crankiness and snippy attitudes… well, okay, maybe just not as often.

So, once a month I’ll post an honest review of one of the books I’ve read. Since I’m brand new at this and I’ve got a ton of books in the queue waiting for me, I will not be accepting more books. But I’ll definitely let you know when I’m ready.

Tell me, do you write reviews? Do you read them when you’re deciding whether to buy a book or other items? I’ll be doing my first one this Friday, so be sure to stop by and let me know what you think.