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Change. It’s inevitable. We all experience it in some form or fashion. Leaves change color in the Fall, soil erodes, technology advances, children grow up, we lose weight, we gain weight, or our hair becomes unruly and sprouts white strands that stick out all over… Okay, well, my hair does that.

Anyway, my point is that it happens. And lately, my life has been full of change.

First off, the hubby and I moved. Oh. Such. Fun. It wasn’t far, just down the road, but it was still a huge undertaking. Packing, unpacking, downsizing, getting used to new home, neighbors and new neighborhood sounds, helping my furry kids adapt  – yeah, loads of fun. But on the upside, it’s a cute place and it has a spots for gardening, which I adore. 🙂

Second, I changed doctors and was once again diagnosed with depression. Not that I had any doubt I was but hearing it was tough, albeit somewhat of a relief at the same time. Not only do I feel better now, I actually feel like I might have a handle on this mental illness that has ruled most of my life. (I’ll post more about that at a later date.)

Third, our finances took a nose dive into the pits of hell. Okay, maybe I exaggerated a bit; they only just rounded the drain. This, of course, forced me to reconsider my life as a stay-at-home writer/household manager. I needed a job.

Months of fruitless job searching brought about change number four: self-employment opportunities.

Yes, I’m an author. However, I’m also a NEW author. I’m still building a readership, my platform, getting my books and name out there to the masses. The profit on that part of my career is pretty dismal and that’s to be expected in the beginning. It takes time and hard work. But in the mean time, I still have bills to pay. What could I do that would contribute to my financial well-being and also be something I enjoy?

The answer was simple: help others authors.

I put out the call to my fellow WANAs and suddenly, things started falling into place. Thanks to this wonderful group of people, I am now doing some freelancing for authors. I offer proofreading and I’ll be doing some virtual author assistant jobs as well.

Don’t get me wrong, there were some times in the last few months that I honestly felt a little lost. Change can do that to you. Everyone kept telling me to keep the faith and to think positive, which is hard when you suffer from depression. But I refused to give up. I kept the negative thoughts at bay and tried to remain optimistic.

And I learned something.

Life is all about changes. They aren’t bad or good, they just are. It’s how you deal with them that really matters.

As for me? I’m going to continue to think positive, to be optimistic, to work hard and to embrace the changes life has in store. And I’m not going to bother with coloring my hair anymore… it’s just going to change back to white anyway. Who knows, maybe it will look good on me?

I love hearing from you. So tell me, have you had many changes in your life lately? How did you deal with them?