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I’m participating in National Novel Writing Month this year – yes, I’ve gone completely insane. Anyways, I’m going to work on a new story idea that’s been haunting me for a few months. Problem is, I don’t have a title yet.

I’m sure not having one isn’t that big of a deal for most authors, but I LIKE having a title before I begin. Plus, it will be one less distraction for me. Because instead of making my daily word count, I’ll be plugging away at title ideas. Nope, can’t let that happen.

SOOO, I’m reaching out to all of you for suggestions. Help me find a title for my story, please! AND if choose your title, I’ll mentioned you on the acknowledgements page of the book when I publish. Woot!

So are you ready?
Here’s the story description:

My name is Luna Fairwater. I’m a Private Investigator with an uncanny ability to close cases others can’t. The police hate me and the FBI doesn’t trust me. Hell, most days I don’t trust me, either.

There’s a demon inside of me and through it, I can sense evil. It calls to me, seduces me; and it’s getting harder to control. One day, this darkness inside me is going to take over and I’m pretty sure I won’t be able to stop it. So I go where it leads me, trying to find what it wants and why it chose me to do its bidding.

This time it brought me to Harper’s Bay, FL., a little coastal town off the Gulf. Even though I’ve never been to this side of the sunshine state, arriving here felt like I’d come home. But whose home is it – mine, or the demon’s?

Okay, whatcha think? Let those ideas roll!