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Do you enjoy getting the first peek at new books? Do you read with a critical eye? We have the perfect place for you!

The WG2E Street Team has a new group for beta readers and reviewers, where authors and readers can come together to help each other.

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What’s the difference between a beta reader and a reviewer?

A beta reader reads a book that is still a work-in-progress and provides feedback to the author in order to make the book the best it can be. They are not reviewing the work publicly. All thoughts on the book go directly to the author. The book they read is not the finished product.

A reviewer reads a completed book either right before it’s published or shortly after and leaves their opinion of the book on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, etc. to help other readers make a decision on whether to read the book.

Beta readers are not reviewers and vice versa, though you can do both for different books (or if you re-read the book in its completed form).

Let’s have a little fun!

Once every three months, all authors who used beta readers or reviewers will contribute to the pot and a gift card will be given to one random beta reader or reviewer.

Want to find new authors and help out those you love? Head on over to the WG2E Beta/Review Club on Facebook and request to join. Just click the link below!