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When I was a kid, if something didn’t go as planned all I’d have to say is “I want a do over!” And then I could just try again. Hopefully with better results.

As adults, life rarely gives us that option but sometimes we get lucky. That’s why I love being a self-published author. Being my own boss and having control over my business decisions allows me to try different avenues. If something isn’t working well, I get to try something else. That’s right, I get Do Overs!

And of course, I am taking advantage of that opportunity. I recently overhauled my website, Facebook cover photo, and Twitter background for branding purposes. (Oh, the joys of marketing!) I also created a new email list, the Readers’ Portal.

As a reader, I enjoy finding ways to interact with the authors I love. My email list is not only a way I can talk directly with my subscribers, but it is also a way I can give back.

When one signs up for Readers’ Portal, they’ll be the first to know of sales and special offers, news on upcoming releases, launch parties, giveaways, discounts I’ve created JUST FOR MY SUBSCRIBERS, and sneak peeks at books I’m working on. Plus, I’ll be offering some of my short stories for FREE. These are stories I have yet to publish and subscribers will get them before anyone else.

Right now, I’m working on revamping the book covers for The Unnamed and Haedyn’s Choice. I love playing with images and graphics, so for me this was tons of fun. I finally narrowed down the cover choices for Haedyn’s Choice to two. But I can’t decide between them. So, I’m going to ask my email list subscribers to help me choose.

I’d love it if you signed up and gave me your input as well! Just click HERE, or you can click the link to the right of this blog. I can’t wait to see which cover you choose.

Have you ever taken advantage of a “Do Over”? How did it work out for you?