So I had this crazy idea about a fun project I want to do to help stretch my writing muscles and entertain my easily-distracted muse. But I need your help!
Remember those “choose your own adventure” books where you’d flip to a certain page if you wanted the character to do one thing or to a different page if you wanted him to go the other way? (I loved those books!) Anyway, I decided to build on that idea and make it so that you get to help me.

This is how it will work:
Over on my Facebook Author Page, I posted the beginning scene to a story. But – here’s the kicker – I left off right when the really good stuff was about to happen. Why? Because I want YOU to help me decide what happens next!

I’m going to post a quick poll that will give you different options to choose from. And once I get the tally at the end of the deadline (usually two days so everyone can see it), I’ll write the next part and post it. Throughout the entire story, I’ll give you the chance to help me figure out what happens to the characters and what they are going to do next!

I can’t wait to get this started. It’s going to be such fun writing a story with you!
Here’s the link to my FB author page (
Be sure to check there for the first installment and give it a like if you haven’t already, ok?
The poll should be up soon!

See ya there!