Summer Book Crush – Who’s Your Book Boyfriend??

Hot sun, hot sand, cool drinks, dark tans. Ahhhh. But your summer won’t be complete until you land a new BOOK BOYFRIEND, right? Lucky for you, we’ve got you covered!


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Find your summer’s fling between the pages of a book. And don’t stop on one – after all we have many BOOK BOYFRIENDS for you to mingle with.




New Release – The Devil Knows by K.C. Cavanaugh


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If you’re into paranormal books like I am, you’re always looking for a new book to devour. Well I’ve got a new release for you today – THE DEVIL KNOWS by K.C. Cavanaugh.

Here’s the scoop on it!

The Devil KnowsThe Devil Knows is a New Adult paranormal dramance!
College student, Megan, is devastated when she discovers that her best friend, Anya, has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.Stricken with grief, and unable to find conventional answers on how to help her friend, Megan turns to something so out there it couldn’t possibly work or could it?Despite knowing the risks, Megan knows that she may be the only one that stands between Anya living and meeting her maker. That alone gives her the courage to gamble it all against the odds.

In comes the devil, and an unlikely alliance forged in something so dangerous it may cost her the ultimate price.

Her soul.

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? This one is definitely on my Want-To-Read list!

And here’s a little more about the author:
K.C. Cavanaugh was raised a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania. From a young age she had the penchant for creating stories whenever she had the opportunity.

KC PicK.C. still lives in Pennsylvania where she spends her free time with her family – including her boyfriend, children, and dog.

The Devil Knows may be her debut novel, but it will be far from her last! She is currently working her End of Days apocalyptic fantasy trilogy, her Eternal paranormal series, and wrapping up a novella entitled Unforseeable Past.

To get the latest news on K.C. Cavanaugh you can follow The Cavanaugh Connection (her blog) at or like her fan page at
Have you come across any new books you’ve recently read or want to read? Feel free to tell us about them in the comments!

Reviewing The God Particle (A Chloe Johansson Thriller)


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I don’t really consider myself to be a picky reader. But I do have certain standards that books must uphold in order for me to finish reading it. For instance, it has to be medium to fast paced, give me great characters, and a good plot with lots of twists. Lucky for me, I found all of those in THE GOD PARTICLE (A Chloe Johansson Thriller) by Toby Tate.

The God Particle - A Chloe Johansson Thriller - Click Image to Close

Grab a copy of Toby Tate’s latest novel at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and CrossRoad Press!

Though the main character is only 16-years old, this isn’t your typical YA novel. Chloe isn’t side-tracked by boys, fashion and friends. Instead, she’s got a plan, which includes passing her exams at MIT. That is until she learns her Dad is missing because he discovered something that could shatter the very foundations of science. Oh, and her best friend is pregnant, too. What’s a girl to do in that situation? I’d have fallen to pieces, but Chloe’s tough. Her mission: ace her exams and try to save the world.

Tate offers the perfect balance between older teen and new adult with this character. She’s smart beyond belief, but she still has that naivety of inexperience that makes her believable.

The one thing I loved about this book was that I couldn’t predict what would happen next. The storyline was compelling and unique. I enjoyed the science aspect just as much as I did the suspense of all the events taking place. There were just enough plot twists to keep me intrigued but not confused.

Tate’s writing style was a bit different in this book than from his others. He used both a first person and a third person perspective. I admit, at first the shift caught me off guard but as I continued to read, the story flowed smooth and was well paced, especially in the second half.

I did receive an Advanced Reader Copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, but I’d gladly accept another from Mr. Tate as he continues to surprise me with his stories. He’s definitely an author to keep your eye on.

Have you read any great books lately? Do share!

Behind the Quill with Morgan Kelley’s Fire Burns Hot (Morgan Kelley Blog Tour)


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Behind the Quill returns today with an extra special post!  Thanks to Eternal Connections Blog Tour Services, this is officially a stop on the Morgan Kelley Blog Tour. And guess who has the goods on FIRE BURNS HOT?  That’s right – me.

So let’s get to it, because this is one smokin’ book!

FIRE BURNS HOT (An FBI/Romance Thriller – Book 5)

FBHIn Fire Burns Hot (book 5), we continue the story of Ethan, Elizabeth and Callen, but we are introduced to two more characters.

Julian Littlemoon likes women without baggage. He lives life carefree and to the fullest. Then on that fateful day, he meets Special Agent Victoria Christensen and everything changes. Not only does he fall hard and fast, but he would do anything to heal her broken spirit- no matter what the cost.

Tori Christensen is an ex-Army soldier, haunted by one moment that changed her life forever. She managed to dodge Julian once before, but this time she’s fighting the truth that haunts and chases her. Facing him on her turf should be easy, but Julian complicates everything in her well-ordered life.

Now they’re working together again, trying to find a serial arsonist with the propensity for killing strippers just to watch them burn. Partnered up with her boss, Elizabeth Blackhawk, Tori has to stay one step ahead or she just might be the next woman going up in flames.

Sometimes love is forever, and sometimes it’s just until the flame goes out…


If that’s not enough to get your insides smoldering, then the following excerpt will definitely do the trick. Be sure to leave me a comment when you’re through and tell me what you think. Enjoy!

Prologue from Fire Burns Hot

Women should be cherished as a gift from the gods. Soft skin, long silky hair and bodies meant to bring men hours of pleasure. In life, there were few things that could drive a man to madness and women were at the top of the list.

That’s why he killed them.

Yes, he should treat them like the fairer sex and worship at the temple of their bodies, but for him they just didn’t matter. Once you’ve had one woman, they all blended together. In fact, nothing made them stand out to him, except the end of their lives. That he’d remember without a doubt. When the life was ripped away and the empty shell remained, battered and bruised, he would save it deep in his mind.

Death was only one thing that called to him.

Madness was in the eye of the beholder in his case. In his mind, there was nothing wrong with purchasing a woman, getting her to do whatever you wanted, and then dispose of her like trash. All the women he found were lowly whores, selling their bodies and souls to the men that they courted for the almighty dollar. Why should they matter to him, when they obviously didn’t matter to themselves.

A whore was a whore even in her dying moments.

He stood over her on the bed in the cheap motel, smiling down at the very dead eyes. The irony was that alive, they held the same exact stare. Nothing had changed since her heart had stopped beating. Eyes told the tale and were the windows to the soul. Hers said a great deal of the woman inside.

They were empty.

Cold and vacant.

Now in death they still told the same story of a prostitute that was used up and enjoyed it. When he found her on the street, it was just too easy to follow her back to her flop and get what he wanted. Sex with her was easy. She wasn’t interested in getting off. All she needed was the cash to pay her pimp, and then get her drug fix. To dull her pain, all it took was a smile, a wad of money and need.

When she offered herself to him by leaning in his car window, he just knew.

She was the one.

Because it was her time to die.

Soon the endless pain living in her would vanish.

Everything about this one was perfect. All his requirements were met. No one would miss her, she was willing to have sex, and then there was his favorite part…

The hair.

Nothing called to him more than the silky waves. God, he had a thing for a slut with long tresses. Not because he enjoyed it running across his body during sex, but when he lit them on fire it mattered. Nothing was more fascinating to watch than the hair shriveling, as the flames licked at them wickedly. Then you had the smell.

Oh, the delicious smell of burning woman with lovely hair.

It was so perverse, and yet so damn perfect.

Something so primitive called to him when he thought about it. The first time he killed, it made him throw up, as he was racked with guilt, but now… oh, it made him stronger. It fueled him through his next rendezvous with the following worthless woman. It wasn’t lost on him, even in his madness, that each kill was more vile than the last. Where it was leading him, he didn’t know. But it pushed him on and made him want more and more death. The longing was unquenchable, and he was addicted to the power.

He was the self-proclaimed God of whores.

It was delicious to use the women, knowing they wouldn’t see the next day. Their lives were over and forfeited at his hand.

So far, no one had even noticed them missing. It simply proved what he’d believed all along.

Whores were expendable.

No one cared what happened to the unloved women of the streets. Their destroyed, charred flesh was simply bagged and tagged. Bodies were carted off to the morgue to be housed, until someone who cared showed up.

He laughed at that thought. No one cared enough to love them while they lived. Why bother when they were a burnt hunk of meat?

In his opinion women were disposable, and he planned on using them and tossing them away.

Combining the destitute dregs of the street with the power of fire was absolute bliss.

By taking his love of the flame, mixing it with the destruction of the wanton flesh, he’d achieved nirvana. It was the most beautiful art to watch unfold, telling the ultimate story.

Glee filled him, as it destroyed the body so much, that the Medical Examiner and coroner had a hard time finding the truth. It was the perfect medium to commit the crime.

Whores didn’t really get medical attention or leave a paper trail, and that’s why he picked them to be his unwilling victims.

Why concern yourself with women of the night?

He didn’t.

Placing her body in just the right spot on the bed, he artfully arranged her hair. It was a gorgeous shade of blonde, and to his delight, he found natural. His fingers combed through it, anticipating what was to come. Closing her very dead eyes, he began pouring the accelerant across her naked flesh.

He looked around the room making sure there was nothing left behind that would tie him to the woman. As he took the last look, his heart pounded in his chest at the sheer beauty of what was to come. Her death would be cleansing.

This time he couldn’t stay and watch, because the Motel was a public place. The next time though, he planned on taking the girl somewhere more secluded. A place that would be just theirs.

Like the last one whose life he stole. Part of him was sad that he couldn’t stay until the bitter sweet end. It was part of the enjoyment to smell the burning skin, the shriveling hair, and the putrid destruction of the human form.

Alas, there was a reason he couldn’t remain. Each time he was forced to change it up, so the cops wouldn’t have a clue on how to find him. As of yet they didn’t even have a suspect in the killings. The tally was now four, and already he knew who he wanted for the next woman.

There was this sweet little redhead that he found at the strip club. She was destined to be his. All it would take is a promise of cash, and she’d do all he asked, willingly.

He pondered her perspective. Would the redhead now think she was still sexy, as the fire began eating away at her flesh? As the skin charred black with carbon, would she want men to see her? Would it all be worth selling herself, as her beautiful tresses melted and filled the air with vile smoke? Would there be repentance for her foul existence, even in her last few moments as she met her maker?

Possibly he’d have to keep her alive to ask and get the answers he curiously sought.

Already he was getting excited in more ways than one.

Dropping the match, he walked out the door. The whole place was going to go up like kindling in minutes. By the time they found her, she’d be nothing more than a pile of ash in the ruins of a sleazy motel.

As he closed the door and walked to his car, he whistled a happy tune. Now he’d go home and dream about what he just did, and begin planning for the next girl.

Pulling out of the parking lot, he glanced back to observe the flames flicker at the one window of the seedy room. In his mind he could visualize her hair curling under the heat and her body cooking on the cheap bedding.

It all seemed fitting.

God, he loved fire and women. The combination of them both made him all hot and bothered. He accelerated and reveled in the power coursing through his body.

Soon there’d be another and another…

Life was a beautiful thing.

If you were the predator and not the prey.


Two Weeks Later


The sex with this one was mediocre at best, but the killing made up for everything the intercourse lacked. This one fought hard. Like a little wild cat, going hard into her demise.

He’d had his doubts, as he used her body to find release. The woman seemed so cold and dead inside, but then the fire came out.

Once she knew the truth about what was going to happen to her, she fought hard to live.

His plan was to ask her why, but as she scratched and kicked at him to escape, anger took control. In the end, he stole from her the last vestige of life.

During it all something was made blatantly clear. It was so much more gratifying when they fought. This was something he needed to consider for the next one. Using her was one thing, but finding himself ready for another round just after her struggles called to something in him. Apparently, he’d need to consider adding this to his ritual.

Some might call it depravity, but he called it delicious release.

He smiled as his hands did the dirty work, strangling every breath from her recently used body. A couple times he stopped the killing to use her again and again, only to ultimately choke life from her already prone form.

In his mind, he could completely rationalize it all. This one deserved to die by his hands. He wasn’t planning on taking a woman that night. It was more of a mission to find the next one, but this one came to him. After a few lap dances that barely monopolized his time, she’d been foolish to follow him out of the strip club for the offer of more money. When she offered herself up, he took it as a sign.

In his book stupidity had its price.


Isn’t that what he heard his whole damn life? If you did something unwise, you paid dearly. Well, being a greedy whore was pretty damn ignorant.

He carefully arranged her body, not that it would matter. Once the fire began heating the flesh and muscles, they’d constrict and she’d take on a horrible form. That took a while, so until then he’d entertain himself with the more gratifying aspects of the kill.

The dead look on her face.

The smell of flesh sizzling in the flames.

The subcutaneous fat oozing through the cracks in the skin that bubbled, adding fuel to the fire.

Lighting the match, he actually laughed out loud with perverse giddiness. Dropping it onto the body, he stepped back to watch his handiwork. The fire engulfed the whore’s clothing and then began to lick at her flesh. Bubbles formed as the skin blistered before charring. They spread wickedly, as the fire found its path the top of her head. The brown hair lost its color, as it was swallowed by the flames. It curled and shriveled under the heat, giving off its distinctive odor.

He shuddered with extreme pleasure at the way her body responded to the rising temperature. It bowed and already began its fiery dance. Muscles began constricting and skin went taut.

Her mouth slowly opened, as if screaming in some silent horror. Begging for someone to help and save her from the destructive heat.

Oh, how he wished he could stay here and watch the police find his latest victim.

But he knew that couldn’t happen.

It was time to go, and he derived all the pleasure he could from this one.

Walking away from the woman, he bid her adieu, thanking her for the good time. It would be part of his recollections forever.

The final task was scan the ground, assuring he had all his things. Climbing into the vehicle and driving away, there was hope that she’d be found sooner, rather than later.

Goodbye,” he whispered to the already deaf ears.

Now it was time to go home, sleep off this high, and start looking for the next piece of ass he’d be adding to his little collection of memories.

There was nothing he loved more than a trashy woman going up in flames.



Morgan Kelley lives in the beautiful Pocono Mountains with her husband and two children. After attending college at Penn State University and studying Criminal Justice, Morgan knew her only true passion in life would be murder and books. She put them both together and began her career as a writer. Other than books and writing, you can find Morgan hanging out in her garden and digging in the dirt.

Her other works include: The Junction, Serial Sins, The Killing Times (book 1), Sacred Burial Grounds (book 2), True Love Lost (book 3), Deep Dark Mire (book 4), Fire Burns hot (book 5) The Blood Betrayal, The Blood Redemption, The Blood Vengeance, and The Blood Retribution.


Upcoming Projects and Released Projects

FBI Stand Alones

The Junction

Serial Sins

The FBI Series

The Killing Times (Book 1)

Sacred Burial Grounds (Book 2)

True Love Lost (Book 3)

Deep Dark Mire (Book 4)

Fire Burns Hot (Book 5)

Darkness Of Truth (Book 6) Out summer of 2013

Home Sweet Evil (Book 7) Out for Halloween 2013

The Blood Series – Vampyres

The Blood Betrayal- (Book 1) Currently only available in paperback

The Blood Redemption (Book 2)  kindle and paperback

The Blood Vengeance (Book 3)  Kindle and paperback

The Blood Retribution (Book 4)  Kindle and paperback

The Blood Seduction (5) Christmas 2013

The Private Investigator Series

Stolen by Moonlight (1) out fall of 2013

The Croft & Croft Series

Celestia is Falling

Vegas is Dying – Out fall 2013 

Please feel free to visit Morgan at her website:, drop her an email at, or pop into her blog at

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Haedyn’s Choice Virtual Book Tour


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Haedyn’s Choice starts a Virtual Book Tour today! I’m very excited and the best part – I don’t even have to change out of my pajamas. How cool is that?

Thanks to Reading Addiction Blog Tours, I don’t have to dress up or drive to places unknown. I don’t have to worry badge-272_zps1376d355about wearing comfortable shoes or making sure I have pens that work. I don’t even need to make sure I sign my name legibly. All I need to do is hang out at the blog sites that are hosting my book. And I can totally do that without makeup. SWEET!

But since this is my very first virtual book tour, I’d love to have some familiar faces visit me on these stops. Events like these are always better when you can share them with friends! So if you’d like to swing by, here’s my virtual itinerary:

TODAY – Reading Addiction Blog Tours – Meet and Greet
May 21 – The College Crawl – Review/Interview
May 22 – A Life Through Books – Review
May 24 –Bookishly Devoted – Review
May 25 – Faerie Tale Books – Review
May 26 –  Jessica Loves Books – Review
May 27 – Texas Book Nook – Review
May 29 – Let’s Get Booked – Review
May 30 – One Page at a Time – Review
May 31 –  My Cozie Corner – Review
June 1 – The Right Book 4 You – Review/Interview
June 2 – RABT Reviews – Review

Hope to see you all there!!


Haedyn’s Choice is releasing May 15th!


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The date has been set – Haedyn’s Choice is releasing May 15th!

That’s right around the corner; only 16 days away. I can’t wait. I’m so excited. And nervous. And scared. And happy. I’m all those rolled up into one crazy package.

Hell, I’m so excited that I created a Facebook only event for launch day so that everyone can celebrate with me. (As if anyone really needs a reason to party! lol)

If you haven’t joined up yet, just click HERE and then hit join. There will lots of fun, virtual drinks, and the best part – GIVEAWAYS!! I’m offering two signed paperback copies, a few eBook copies, key chains, posters, and even a bracelet similar to the one Haedyn wears in the story. It is going to be so much fun!

Have I ever mentioned how impatient I am? Seriously, I have no patience whatsoever. I totally want to publish it right now, like right this instant. But I can’t, I have to hold out until the 15th.

However, what I CAN do is show you the cover and let you read the description.


There’s always a choice.

The demon Azazel knows an opportunity when he sees one. That’s why he took the Unnamed abomination, Haedyn, under his wing and honed her skills. Now she’s a predator, like him, but far more dangerous because she holds the potential to wield great power. The kind that humans and supernatural creatures alike will bow down to worship. The kind that will let him create his army of evil-born souls without challenge. And when the full moon rises and a human’s rare blood is spilled, Haedyn will be the key to unlocking hell on earth.

Former investigative reporter Lexington Carter saw his brother murdered by vampires, but no one would believe him. Now it’s his mission to learn everything there is about monsters, how to kill them, and what happens to their victims. But when he’s kidnapped by a super-human albino chick who claims she’s protecting him, he realizes that not all supernatural creatures are monsters and there might be one that’s worth saving.

Haedyn is the last Unnamed and Azazel’s personal assassin – his most prized servant. It’s not a title she wants, but it keeps her alive and that’s all that matters. But when she is tricked into protecting Lex, the same human her master is hunting, she learns of Azazel’s terrifying plan to create an army of evil souls – and that Lex isn’t the only one slated for sacrifice.

Can Haedyn accept the truth of her past and face the demon who molded her in his image, or will she risk the losing the souls of those she loves?

So what do you think? Want more?

If so, you’ll really want to sign up for my newsletter, Updates from Behind the Quill because this Friday, I’m offering up the first chapter to subscribers only! The sign up link is at the top right hand side of the page or you can click on the “Contact” menu item at the top. (I promise I won’t give your email address out and I won’t spam you, either.)

Hope to see you all on May 15th for the launch party!

A Faery Hunter and an Ancient King – The Iron Locket by Samantha Warren


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“She was raised to hunt faeries. He was raised from the dead.”

Intriguing, isn’t it?  That’s the tag line for Samantha Warren’s latest novel, The Iron Locket.  I was fortunate enough to be a beta reader for this book and I loved it. Very rarely do I get sucked into a book enough that I dream about it but I did this one.

What happens when you combine faeries, knights,  and humans? War, chaos, and love. The Iron Locket by Samantha Warren is now available. Grab your copy today!

What happens when you combine faeries, knights, and humans? War, chaos, and love. The Iron Locket by Samantha Warren is now available. Grab your copy today!

For two straight nights, I dreamed about knights, faeries, and being sucked into portals. It was crazy!

But enough about my overly active imagination, let’s talk about this story.

I am a  huge King Arthur fan, so when Samantha told me about this book – I knew I had to read it. This isn’t your typical story of Arthur and his most trusted knights battling it out in medieval times. On the contrary, it’s set in the present and the king and his crew have to do a little adjusting to modern-day ways. Especially when dealing with the Faery Queens.

I was a little leery about the faeries, I’ll admit. But then I found out the main character, Aiofe, hunts rogue faeries that enter the human world.  How freaking cool is that? Seriously, that is my new costume for Halloween!

So, now I’ve got a Faery Hunter and an Ancient King, all rolled up in one book. And the bad guys? Oh, they are sooo bad – you’ll love them. This book brings you into the land of Faery and has you roaming around castles, fighting alongside the Knights of the Round Table and mingling with the Four Faery Queens.

And the ending… well, you’ll just have to read it to find out!

Here’s the description:
She was raised to hunt faeries. He was raised from the dead.

Aiofe Callaghan comes from a long line of faery hunters. Hired by one of the faery queens, they protect the human world from chaos and destruction. But when Aiofe stumbles through an open door into the land of Faery, she discovers the job isn’t as simple as it seems, and neither is she.

Arthur Pendragon spent centuries in blissful nothingness, until the day the four queens banded together to raise him from the dead. Along with his twelve most talented knights, he leads the warring armies of Faery against the greatest enemy they have ever known: one of their own.

Can they overcome their differences to confront the greatest challenges either of them have ever faced?

For more information about Samantha Warren, check out her BLOG and follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

Read an Ebook Week: Try THE DARKENING


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It’s Read an Ebook Week! That’s right. Sunday, March 3rd kicked off an entire week dedicated to reading ebooks. I’m an advocate of reading regardless of the format, so I’ve got plenty of suggestions on books for you to snuggle up with this week.

For example,  THE DARKENING, by Myndi Shafer. This is book two of the Shrilugh Saga and an excellent follow-up to her first novel.
Check out the description:

THE DARKENING (Book Two of the Shrilugh Saga)

This week only! Book 2 in the Shrilugh Saga is available HERE for only $2!! Grab it now!!

This week only! Book 2 in the Shrilugh Saga is available HERE for only $2!! Grab it now!!

As Aydan Fulbert settles into her new life in a new world, she realizes a few things. She’s healing from losing Brig. She’s coming to terms with her new home. And she’s lonely.

Rein Torvald’s return from his long absence helps alleviate her loneliness, but a darkness comes with him. Unsettling news about her father and the Sovereign has the potential to make her a fugitive all over again – from his world and hers.

Will Aydan allow her heart to be taken places she’s never been brave enough to go? Or will the threat of danger – of the Sovereign’s rage, and her father’s vengeful grudge, send her running?

Doesn’t that sound AMAZING?! Wait, you haven’t read Shrilugh yet?
No worries. In celebration of Read an Ebook Week, Shrilugh is FREE.
Just click on the link below:
Shrilugh –

And just in case you devour these books the way I did, I’ve got more suggestions and great deals for you this week.

That sassy spitfire, CC MacKenzie, is the author of the steamy contemporary romance, Reckless Nights in Rome. Now if you’ve read this one, you won’t want to miss the next books in the Ludlow Hall series. Both, A Stormy Spring and Run, Rosie, Run are 50% off this week. Click the links below to snag your copies!

A Stormy Spring –

Run, Rosie, Run –

But that’s not all. CC MacKenzie is also offering book two of her Vampyre series, Dirty Little Secret for half the price. Here’s the link for that smokin’ good book:

Dirty Little Secret –

Want a little urban fantasy, too?
Check out Samantha Warren is offering several books for free this week.
The first book in her JANE series, Vampire Assassin, is currently free and so is book seven, CURSED.
As well as her fantasy book, Battle of Black River.

And of course, I’m offering THE UNNAMED for free as well.

ebookglassesBut these prices will only last through March 9th. So celebrate Read an Ebook Week with us today. Grab your ebooks, find a comfy spot, and get to reading!

Have you read any great ebooks lately? Or do you know of any other great deals going on this week? Leave a comment and share the details!

A Date for Valentine’s Day


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Still trying to find a date for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe you’re just sick of all the hub-bub about that good, old cherub flying around shooting arrows at unsuspecting victims. Either way, I can totally hook you up on Valentine’s Day.

No really, I can.

And the best part – you don’t even have to leave home. You can rock the Hello Kitty pajamas with your hair sticking out everywhere if you want. Heck, you don’t even have to shave!

I see that look. You’re thinking: “What kind of crazy date is she trying to hook me up with?”

The kind that won’t forget your name, look at other people while you’re talking, or leave you stranded with the bill at the restaurant. The kind of date that makes you forget all your worries and lets you escape into another time and place. The kind of date that introduces you to people and places that you’ll never forget.

I’m talking about setting you up on a blind date with a book. And not just any book – but the kind you love to read. And even better – it’s completely FREE.

That’s right. This Valentine’s Day over 30 authors have joined together are giving away their books for free. Samantha Warren created this fantastic event called the Valentine’s Day Book Date Giveaway and it’s going on RIGHT NOW on Facebook.

You could receive a book by talented authors such as Samantha Warren, Melinda VanLone, M.G Miller, Steven Montano, Liv Rancourt, Myndi Shafer, CC MacKenzie, Kirsten Weiss, and so many more!

603884_10151292161319562_427188638_nAll you have to do is click HERE or on the picture and join the event. Then just post a comment telling us what genre books you like to read, the kinds you don’t like to read, what digital format you prefer and your email. (Or tell us to contact you through Facebook for that info if you don’t want to post it.)
Then on Valentine’s day, you will be “matched” up with a book in the genre you like, but we aren’t going to tell you what one it is. (This is a blind date after all!) You’ll meet your “book date” when the author sends it directly to your email address.

How cool is that? Not only do you get a FREE book but the actual author is the one that’s gonna send it to you!

So what are you waiting for?
Let yourself fall in love this Valentine’s Day… with a book!

Hoopin’ with some WritersButt


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I’m sore and slightly bruised around my midriff. My hips are stiff and ache when I stand. I have every desire to soak my tortured body in a nice hot-tub, letting the jets massage my back with bubbles while my mind drifts in relaxation. But I can’t.

Not while Big Momma’s waitin’ for me.


Say hello to Big Momma.
The little one is the size of a normal hoop like you’d buy from the store. Big Momma has water inside and is wrapped with tape to help with grip. She’s also heavier than your average hoop. Work with her for just a few minutes and you’ll feel the burn!

Big Momma and I collided yesterday at the park. She got the best of me at first. But by the end of the day, I had her swinging round and round like the blades of a ceiling fan on a hot day in Louisiana.

Yep, that’s right. I hula-hooped. And I’m gonna keep on hoopin’ every day for the next three weeks. Why? Because I’m completely insane determined to get in shape and be active.

You might remember a few months ago I wrote a guest post over at Ginger Calem’s blog. There I shared how my weight-gain had affected my life and how I wanted to change things.
Well, since then I’ve lost 11lbs, and I’m positive I would have lost more and felt even better if I had kept following the WritersButt challenges. Even though life does get in the way of our goals sometimes, I know it is ultimately up to me to continue making the time and the healthy choices.

I think part of the reason I fell back into some of my bad habits was because my goal – to lose weight and get active – wasn’t specific enough. Or rather it wasn’t suited to my strengths and weaknesses. See, I work best under pressure and when I’m held accountable for work under a deadline.

Knowing this about  myself, I had to figure out how to get myself motivated and disciplined to meet my goals. It wasn’t until I kept seeing my friend, Michelle’s pictures on Facebook that things really started to take shape.

Michelle Whitley is the owner of Hoop-Lah Fun & Fitness and she’s hoop-tastic! Just check out the videos on her website – that’s HER doing all that. Not only is she getting in some great exercise, she’s having a blast doing it! That’s the kind of thing I need to get me motivated. So I caught up with her at the park, where she showed me some basic moves. (And introduced me to Big Momma!)

By the time I got home, I had tons of energy and felt great. I showed my daughter and husband everything I learned. Even my granddaughter wanted to play with the hoops. I was in the best mood. And even better, the physical activity motivated my muse.

I decided right then and there that I was going to get back on track with my health. This time I had to have a goals and a deadline. And to keep me motivated, I’m adding hula-hooping to some WritersButt challenges. So every day for three entire weeks, I am going to drink 100 oz of water, hula-hoop for at least 30 minutes, do 10 Potty Squats and 10 Potty Push-ups every time I visit the bathroom.

Sounds easy right? Yeah, well my first run in with Big Momma proved that wrong. And drinking 100 oz of water a day is not an easy feat. Let’s not even talk about the squats and pushups. Whew!

This is going to be tough and it’s gonna hurt. But it is completely worth it. To feel the way I did yesterday, to smile and have so much fun… yeah it’s totally worth any amount of torture Big Momma spins my way.

Have you hula-hooped before? Would you do it again and how about in a class or group? I’d love to hear your adventures with hooping!